General Care

Jewellery is meant to be worn – not locked in a safe. There are several ways to keep your jewellery as pristine as the day it was made. To guard against serious damage or loss, I’d recommend taking off your jewellery and putting it in a safe place when swimming, gardening, playing contact sports, or moving heavy objects.

If you wear your jewellery frequently and are living a busy, active, vibrant life, some scratches and dings may occur. You may even notice some light tarnishing. Don’t panic, this is just an indication that your jewellery really is a special part of you and of your life.

Most of the pieces I make need very little care; just wear and enjoy. If you’d like some specific advice on cleaning and caring for various pieces, please see the information below.


Specific Care

Sterling Silver & 14K Gold/Rose Gold Fill

Silver, gold fill and rose gold fill can tarnish when they come into contact with oxygen. The good news is that the best preventative is to wear your jewellery often. The oils in your skin actually help to prevent tarnishing. This effect varies due to different body chemistry.

When not wearing, place jewellery in a little zip sealed plastic bag to help prevent tarnish. If your silver or gold/rose gold fill is tarnished, the best way to clean it is with a jewellery polishing cloth.